double pitch standard conveyor roller chain

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  • Brand: KLHO
  • Product name: Double pitch bending conveyor chain
  • Material: Manganese steel/Carbon steel
  • Surface: Heat treatment
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    Double pitch bending conveyor chains are a type of conveyor chain that are designed to operate on curved or angular paths and have a longer pitch than standard bending conveyor chains. The pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent pins, and the longer pitch of double pitch bending conveyor chains provides increased flexibility, making them ideal for applications that require longer curved or angled paths.

    Double pitch bending conveyor chains are commonly used in applications such as manufacturing, material handling, and transportation systems, where products or materials need to be transported through longer curved or angled paths. They offer the advantage of providing smooth and reliable product transportation through complex routing systems, while also being durable and long-lasting.


    Bending conveyor chains are used in a wide range of applications that require the transportation of products or materials through curved or angled paths. Some common scenarios where bending conveyor chains may be used include:

    In manufacturing facilities where products need to be moved through a series of turns or bends in the production process, such as in automotive assembly lines or food processing plants.

    In packaging and distribution centers, where products need to be conveyed through complex routing systems to reach their final destination.

    In material handling systems, where materials need to be transported around corners or through narrow spaces, such as in warehouses or logistics centers.

    In transportation systems, such as airport baggage handling systems or mail sorting facilities, where items need to be transported through a series of curves and turns.

    In all of these scenarios, bending conveyor chains offer a reliable and efficient way to move products or materials through complex routing systems, helping to optimize the layout of production lines and reduce the need for additional machinery.


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