What functions can conveyor chains play when used?

With the development of social economy and the rise of the transportation equipment industry, the production of transportation chains has been further developed and applied. The conveyor chain is a kind of equipment that uses the chain as the traction and carrier to transport materials. Most of them use ordinary sleeve roller conveyor chains. So what role does the conveyor chain play in use?
What functions can conveyor chains play when used?
The conveyor chain is a load-bearing chain with a higher load-bearing roller attachment added between each section to transport goods. The conveyor chain rolls and slides with the track through the rollers. Since the rollers of the conveyor chain are in rolling contact with the track, the friction resistance is small, the power loss is low, and it can carry heavy loads. The load-bearing capacity is related to the strength of the bracket, the size of the conveyor chain, the size and material of the roller. The roller is generally made of steel, but in some cases, in order to reduce noise, discarded engineering plastics are used.
Chain conveyors use chains as traction and carriers to transport materials. The chain can be an ordinary sleeve roller chain or other special chain. The conveyor chain consists of a traction chain, a load-bearing chain and a hopper. They overlap in the forward direction and the three parts can be loaded and unloaded freely. The load-bearing roller is equipped with rolling bearings, which replace the previous sliding friction with rolling friction, which reduces the running resistance, greatly reduces the power consumption of the conveyor, and reduces energy consumption. The separation of the traction chain and the load-bearing chain simplifies the structure, reduces costs, and facilitates installation and maintenance.

Post time: Nov-14-2023


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