High-Quality Top Roller Chains for Machinery

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Brand: KLHO
Product name: Top Roller Chain
Material: Plastic、45#、SS201、SS304
Surface: Heat treatment

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Top roller chain, also known as bush chain, is a type of roller chain that is used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. This type of chain is characterized by its unique design, which includes rollers that are positioned at the top of the chain links, hence the name "top roller chain."

Top roller chains are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to wear, making them suitable for use in heavy-duty applications, such as conveying and material handling systems. They are also often used in power transmission applications, such as in drive systems for conveyors, elevators, and other industrial equipment.

Another advantage of top roller chains is that they run more quietly than other types of chains, making them ideal for use in applications where noise reduction is a concern. They also typically require less maintenance than other types of chains, as their unique design helps to reduce wear and extend the life of the chain.

Overall, top roller chains are a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of power transmission and material handling applications.


The purpose of top roller chains is to transmit power and motion from one point to another, while also providing support and stability to the components being driven.

Power transmission: Top roller chains are used in a wide range of power transmission applications, including drive systems for elevators, conveyors, and other industrial equipment.

Industrial equipment: Top roller chains are used in a variety of industrial equipment, such as press brakes, injection molding machines, and paper mills, to transmit power and motion.

Overall, the purpose of top roller chains is to provide a durable, reliable, and efficient solution for transmitting power and motion in heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications.


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